Protein-Based Edible Oil Gelator

Bottle of oil being poured into a bowl. In the centre is "Peptide Gelator" with an arrow pointing to the right. On the right is sticks of hardened oil that mimics butter.


  • Peptide-based gelator that allows edible oils to be used as a replacement for hardstock fats, having the same properties with improved environmental and/or dietary properties.
  • Peptide gelator mimics the crystal structures found in conventional hardstock fats.
  • Peptides synthesis is scalable, low-cost, and can use solution-phase chemistry.

Applications and Advantages

  • Gelled edible oils avoid the use of saturated fats or hydrogenated fats, so do not need to contain animal fats, palm oil, or trans fats.
  • Gelator consits of natural amino acids, reducing risk of adverse health effects and actually improves the nutritional quality of the edible oil; can be made from plant-based protein.
  • Gelled edible oilscan be used as a hardstock fat replacer for plant-based meat, edible spreads, baking, or other consumer applications.
  • Potential applications in the pharmaceutical industry as an organic gelator, e.g. for controlled release formulations.


Provisional US Patent Pending.

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