Muscle Training and Recovery Device


Patent Status: US Publication 20160235968

License Status: Seeking Licensee


The technology is a physical training or recovery apparatus that features simultaneous blood flow restriction and electrical muscle stimulation.

Existing technologies used in hospital settings or in sports applications use one of compression (blood flow restriction) or electrical stimulation. Technologies with compression provide pneumatic pressure, but only target lymphatic and venous return through external pressure. These approaches do not act on the muscles, so exercise related alterations affecting protein synthesis/breakdown or glucose metabolism are not enacted. Technologies using electrical stimulation have also been sub-optimal as they produce substantial pain when applied with sufficient intensity to elicit the required response.

The Portable Training and Recovery Device delivers a unique combination of blood flow restriction and electrical muscle stimulation. Several studies now show the impact of combining blood flow restricted electrical stimulation on muscle strength.

Advantages and Applications

  • Professional/elite athlete sport training and recovery
  • Recovery from trauma or surgery


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Steve de Brabandere, Director, Technology Transfer & Industry Liaison |