Treatments for Oxidative Stress


Oxidative stress is a condition in wherein the ability of the body to detoxify or repair damage from reactive oxygen species is insufficient.  This manifests itself in many diseases, including atherosclerosis, heart disease, inflammation and neurological disorders.  Several companies are developing treatments for disease based on the mechanism of treating oxidative stress. 

Guelph researchers have discovered that some short phosphopeptides have a strong ability to reduce oxidative stress in Caco-2 cells, as well as inhibit TNFalpha-induced cytokine release and insulin resistance.


  • Short phosphopeptides could be used as a natural health product, which may represent a faster path to market
  • Possibility to pursue a pharmaceutical indication
  • Easy to manufacture

Bar graph showing the strong effect of phosphopeptides in Caco-2 cells

In vitro results show strong effect in Caco-2 cells

Potential Markets

  • Treatment of a variety of conditions that cause or are worsened by oxidative stress
  • Possible use as a natural health product or as pharmaceutical cells, as well as inhibit TNF alpha-induced cytokine release and insulin resistance

Patent Status

US 8,557,775

License Status

Available for licensing.


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