High Efficiency Bioreactor for Micropropagation


The University of Guelph is seeking a partner interested in commercializing stock products for the agricultural sector. The invention is a high efficiency bioreactor for wholesale producers of plants/seeds serving the horticulture industry. The bioreactor directly competes with traditional gel-based systems by improving operational efficiency in the following ways:

  • Accelerates growth rates to shorten production cycles,
  • Eliminates labor and damage associated with root washing,
  • Reduces media costs by as much as 25% by eliminating agar.

Central to the system’s design is a vessel that contains ridges with abutments around the outer walls. This feature allows the easy and secure installation of modules, including: (1) LED light lid for uniform light and spectrum control, (2) two-piece rooting grid for holding plants upright, (3) air scrubber to balance humidity and CO2, (4) media dispenser for maintaining a thin layer of oxygen-rich liquid media.

Illustration of bioreactor with labels that point to light lid, rooting grid, air scrubber and media dispenser.


  • Patent rights to the vessel and rooting grid. These form the foundation of the bioreactor and creates a unique opportunity for additional product launches (modules) and brand loyalty.
  • Innovation support from GRIPP, a premier research institute at the University of Guelph working to improve the efficiency of propagating disease / virus / pest free plants and seeds for domestic and international markets.

Patent Status

  • Design applications filed in US (29/606,876) and Canada (178377).
  • Provisional utility application filed in US (62/516,800).

License Status

Actively seeking licensee and/or co-innovation partner.


Martin Ciuk, mciuk@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x53808