Rooting Grid for Micropropagation


The invention is a plastic support system to maintain plants in an upright position during tissue culture. Currently, semi-solid (agar gel-based) media is used to support, grow and root plants in vitro. While studies show that rooting and growth is better in liquid media, an important drawback is that roots develop along the stem because plants lay flat and in contact with rooting hormone. The rooting grid helps solve this problem by keeping plants upright and rooting at its base. A key feature of the grid is that it separates into two pieces for the easy removal of mature plants.

Illustration of how rooting grid comes apart into two pieces to free plantlets

Applications and Advantages

The rooting grid was developed for researchers and commercial production facilities engaged in plant micropropagation and offers the following advantages over gel-based rooting:

  • Accelerates growth rates to shorten production cycles
  • Eliminates labor and damage associated with root washing
  • Reduces media costs by as much as 25% by eliminating agar

Patent Status

Patent pending in US (62/516,800).

License Status

Actively seeking licensee and/or co-innovation partner.


Martin Ciuk, 519-824-4120 x53808