Accelerator Guelph

First Accelerator Guelph cohort pictured at the Innovation Meetup on October 1, 2018.

Accelerator Guelph Program

If you have a dream to create and grow an agri-food business, this commercialization support program can help you realize it with practical, hands-on workshops and mentorship.

Using the successful model created by the Waterloo Accelerator Centre, Accelerator Guelph guides researcher-affiliated teams to build successful, sustainable enterprise.

This program will challenge participants to push their ideas to commercialization. Teams will explore an invention’s market feasibility, develop solid business foundations and acquire the executive leadership skills necessary to scale ideas born in research into highly valued products and services.

Recruitment for future Accelerator Guelph cohorts is ongoing and consists of an interview and application process. For more information or to request an interview, please contact

Potential mentors, instructors and investors are also invited to express interest by contacting

Check out our Accelerator Guelph Business Growth stage companies:

Entrepreneur Support

The Research Innovation Office is the place to come if you’re looking to take your research-based business to the next level. 

We also offer successful business people great opportunities to support the next generation of game-changing Canadian entrepreneurs who are part of our Accelerator Guelph program. 

Building a sustainable enterprise from research results takes time, effort, collaboration and help from experts and those who have grown businesses in the past. That’s why our Accelerator Guelph model includes opportunities for new entrepreneurs to mix with seasoned veterans in a network that’s mutually supportive and focused on growth.

Our programs are rigorous. They challenge both leaders and participants to strive for excellence in building companies that offer highly valued, research-based products and services that are innovative on a global basis. 

The Network

Our network comprises:

  • Educators: Paid workshop leaders who deliver practical, hands-on business advice in a group setting 
  • Mentors: Paid professionals – often with their own consulting businesses -  who have worked through the ups and downs of business growth in the past. They help entrepreneurs to maintain momentum, avoid costly mistakes and meet their milestones.
  • Disruptors: Unpaid advisors who are matched up on a needs basis with appropriate entrepreneurs to offer constructive criticism, strategic connections and insightful perspectives. These advisors can quickly and easily review strategy and offer troubleshooting and inspiration that will save entrepreneurs time and get them thinking about new approaches. 
  • Investors: Angel investors and venture capitalists who are keen to know about the ‘next big thing’ and can offer financial support that creates scalable, sustainable companies for the future. 

Joining the network is easy! It involves filling out a form (link to form) and an interview.  As a member, you also get the chance to attend events such as the Gryphon LAAIR Showcase and Pitch Competition, where U of G spinout companies compete for $15,000. 

Whether you’re a potential participant, mentor, instructor or investor, please contact for more information.

Event Collaboration and Sponsorships

The Accelerator Guelph team is always looking for new ways to share information with our entrepreneurs. Private companies and non-profit organizations find working with us extremely valuable both in terms of their exposure to innovative new businesses and connecting with like-minded professionals. 

Contact us if you have an idea for how we can collaborate or if you would like to sponsor a special event such as a pitch competition or demonstration day
Partners we’ve worked include: