Life Sciences Ontario Road Trip Around the Province: Innovation Guelph

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Join us during Global Biotech Week (September 28th – October 2nd) for Life Sciences Ontario (LSO) will Roadtrip (virtually) around the Province. They’ll be exploring 5 specific ecosystems in Ontario to find out what the Life Sciences sector looks like in their region, what makes their region unique and what resources are available. The presentation for each day will be from 9:00-9:30am.

Life Science, especially as it intersects with biotech, agri-innovation and cleantech, are a significant component of the economy in and around Guelph. Analyzing DNA to rapidly test for COVID-19, extracting nanoparticles with medicinal properties from sweet corn, and developing solar powered biofilms that eat smog—these are just a few of the fascinating companies that have their roots in Guelph.

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This event is hosted by an organization external to the University of Guelph.

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