UG start-up MicroSintesis brings their first product to market

Posted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

MicroSintesis Launches YGIA, a Break-through in the Improvement of Animal Gut Health

Discovery of a new class of probiotics, with a scientifically proven mode of action to keep the gut healthy


Oakville ON, December 14th, 2016: MicroSintesis Inc. is delighted to announce that its first product, YGIA, a source of Proteobiotics, and a new class of Probiotics, has been approved for sale under the Health Canada Low Risk Vet Health Program (LRVHP).  This approval paves the way for the launch of the Company’s suite of new products for improved gut health for companion animals. YGIA is currently formulated for canines, with a feline formulation planned for the near future.


The MicroSintesis technology platform builds on the discovery that probiotics produce bio-active substances that are responsible for a significant portion of a probiotic’s activity. Termed “Proteobiotics”, these substances directly interfere with a pathogen’s genome and down-regulate genes involved in infection, promoting a healthy digestive tract as a result. An additional advantage of Proteobiotics’ activity is that it supports more selective use of antibiotics, which may reduce the incidence of antibiotic resistance development. 


“Many pathogens use cell-to-cell communication (quorum sensing) to monitor their environment and trigger enteric colonization,” explains Dr. Griffiths, the former Director of the Canadian Institute for Food Safety at the University of Guelph and the founding researcher of this new technology. “Proteobiotics interrupt cell-to-cell communication between bacteria, resulting in a cascade that down-regulates virulence genes and improves the animal’s ability to fight infection.”


“YGIA is the next step in the evolution of probiotic technology,” said Hannah McIver, CEO of MicroSintesis. “This product uses Proteobiotics’ mode of action to create a better balance of gut microbiota, supporting canine gut health while also encouraging the prudent use of antibiotics for managing infection.”



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MicroSintesis is a new life sciences company focused on creating novel anti-infectives. By harnessing the natural defense mechanisms of probiotics, MicroSintesis is on the forefront of new bio-technologies that fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria and reduce the virulence of pathogens. To learn more about this company visit:

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