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Process for Removal of Halogenated Hydrocarbons


Halogenated hydrocarbons are widely used in flame retardants, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and solvents. The presence of these materials in waste streams continues to be a significant environmental problem. Traditional treatment methods require extensive energy, create toxic by-products, or are incompatible with air or water. 

Bio-based TPO Resin for Injection Moulding


The invention is a bio-based thermoplastic polyolefin composite (bioTPO) that contains up to 33% renewable content. The invention was designed to replace talc-filled polypropylene in automotive applications. Lab-scale demonstrations are complete and the inventors are seeking co-innovation partner(s) for applications testing and scale-up.

Bio-based ABS Resin for Injection Moulding


  • Injection moulding grade ABS
  • Modified ABS with up to 30% bio-based content (PLA)
  • Competitive materials cost
  • Properties are comparable to ABS Magnum


  • Impact: achieve high impact strength and heat deflection
  • Mouldability: high MFI decreases cycle time and reduced defects



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Measuring plastic performance

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