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As a member of the U of G community you have access to a number of products and services that require login credentials. Your Central Login Account will give you access to most services offered by CCS plus Web Advisor, however other U of G services may require separate login authorization such as those provided by Open Learning.  

The eAUP system utilizes the Central Login Account information to provide instant access to this system.  The password for the eAUP system is the same as for your Central Login Account and will change if you change your password.  DO NOT attempt to change your password within the eAUP system if you have a Central Login Account - this MUST be done centrally through the CCS website.  External users (if you DO NOT have an email account ending with "") may request a new password if they have created a new account or have forgotten their existing password.

Once you know your Central Login Account information, it's recommended that you learn how to change your password and manage your quota.  

Students, faculty, and staff that have a Campus ID @ can contact the CCS Help Desk at 519-824-4120 x 58888 for assistance with resetting their password for their Central Login Account (not the eAUP system).  For all inquiries regarding the eAUP system, please contact