Role Statement for Vice-Chair(s) of the Board of Governors

The bylaws for the Board of Governors for the University of Guelph provide for the appointment by the Board of one or more Vice-Chairs from among the members of the Board. 
Per Board bylaw, the BOG Vice-Chair(s) may be designated as an Officer of the University and, as an Officer of the University, may sign documents requiring execution in accordance with University bylaws, policies and procedures.

Role of the Vice-Chair(s)

The role of the Vice-Chair is intended to be defined and developed within the context of the needs of the Chair and the Board or University’s requirements at different times. At times the Vice-Chair role provides a means for preparing for the orderly succession of the Chair. At other times, the role provides the Chair with the opportunity to share some of his/her responsibilities as the demands of the Board and University require. 
With this in mind, in addition to the role and responsibilities of all Governors, the BOG Vice-Chair(s) may be responsible for:

  • Performing all of the duties of the Chair when the latter is unable for any reason to perform his/her duties, per Board bylaw 
  • Working collaboratively with the BOG Chair and supporting him/her to ensure the effective functioning of the Board including: 

- Facilitating and forwarding the business of the Board, including preserving order at Board meetings 
- Encouraging input and ensuring that all Governors have the opportunity to share perspectives with regard to debate or discussion 
- Encouraging all members to participate and controlling dominant members
- Facilitating the Board in reaching consensus 
- Facilitating relationships with, and communication among, Board members
- Establishing relationships with individual Governors to ensure that each member contributes his/her special skill and expertise effectively 

  • Acting as spokesperson on behalf of the Board or representative of the Board at meetings or events (including convocations), at the request of the BOG Chair or when the Chair is unable for any reason to perform his/her duties. 

Skills and Qualifications

The BOG Vice-Chair(s) will possess personal qualities, skills, and experience similar to that of the BOG Chair but may have less experience than the Chair. 


Per Board bylaw, the term for BOG Vice-Chair(s) is determined by the Board. Normally, appointments to this role are for one year and are renewable.