MLA Admissions

Landscape Aerial Photo of farm propertyPhoto credit:  Tim O'Brien, MLA

Applying to Master of Landscape Architecture

Application to the Master of Landscape Architecture program requires candidates to apply online through the Office of Graduate Studies website.

All application material is submitted online to your WebAdvisor account except for the portfolio requirement which is to be sent in hard copy format to the School OR via email in PDF format.  Admission is based on previous academic performance, references, evidence of creative work, statement of interest, and background information provided through a questionnaire. All applications must be accompanied by a portfolio, statement of research, cv/resume, references and the completed background questionnaire.

Applicants should note that the online application system can take up to 3-5 working days to process your account.  Once your account is processed, you will receive an email with your login information and instructions on how to upload your documents. Please plan the submission of your application in accordance with admission deadline.

After a careful review of all submitted materials, the strongest candidates are selected for admission from the pool of qualified applicants.

Application Requirements

Eligibility requirements for application to the MLA program are that you hold any honours (four-year) undergraduate degree, or equivalent, from a recognized institution with a minimum of B- average (70%) over the last two years of full-time equivalent study.  Students who meet our alternate admission standards may also be considered.

Scholarships are available to students with strong entrance marks, but it is vital that you are prepared to cover the full cost of the program.

MLA Application Summary 

The following information is uploaded electronically to your online WebAdvisor account:

The following document is required EITHER in hard copy format OR an electronically and is due by the application deadline of January 9.  

International Students

Please refer to the International Applicants page of the Graduate Studies website. 

If your first language is not English, you will be required to submit the results of a standardized language test.  Please refer to the Office of Graduate Studies website for the required English Language Proficiency acceptable tests and required scores.

Required Documents for MLA Application

All University-level Transcripts

You are required to provide transcripts from any institution where you have earned (or will earn) a degree, studied for one semester or more, or took courses that relate to your graduate study interests. This includes transfer credits and University exchange/semester abroad transcripts.  Your application checklist on WebAdvisor will identify which transcripts you are required to upload.

Statement of Research

Prepare a one-page summary of your interests as they pertain to the study of landscape architecture. This statement might include a description of your background and why you feel it is a good fit with landscape architecture; summary of what interests you most with respect to the study of landscape architecture, including any specialized areas you would like to explore; and finally, a discussion of how you would like to use your education once you have completed your degree.

CV / Resume

Provide a current cv or resume that gives a profile of your background and experience.

Supplemental Document - MLA Background Questionnaire

The MLA Background questionnaire is intended to give the Admissions Committee an understanding of whether your interests and abilities will fit with our faculty and program.  The MLA Background Questionnaire is uploaded as the "Supplemental Document" on your WebAdvisor account.  See attachment below for more details.

Portfolio Submission

To aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your potential as a design student, you are asked to submit a portfolio that represents evidence of your creativity.  You may submit either a hard copy portfolio OR an electronic portfolio on or before January 9. The MLA portfolio submission aids the Admissions Committee in evaluating your potential as a design student.  You are asked to submit a portfolio that represents evidence of your creative ability.  The term 'creative' should be interpreted in its broadest definition.

Hard portfolio:  portfolio can be sent via mail or courier OR 
Electronic portfolio:  porfolio is to be sent in PDF format to: using the PDF file naming convention (Last Name_First Name_MLA portfolio).

See attachment below for more details on the portfolio submission guidelines.

MLA Application Deadline

Applicants are only accepted for entry into the fall semester annually.  Deadline to receive completed applications is January 9, 2021 for September / Fall 2021 entry.  Course sequencing and space limitations make the winter semester entry point impossible for most MLA degree students.  

Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us to find out if additional are being accepted. 

Scholarships and Funding

Please refer to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website regarding Scholarships and Awards.



Get to know the Master of Landscape Architecture program by watching the "7 Common Questions About Applying to the MLA Program Video".

In order to serve you better, the Office of Graduate Studies has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to assist you with the admissions process.