The School of Environmental Sciences’ Graduate Student Council (SES-GSC)

About the SES-GSC

The School of Environmental Sciences’ Graduate Student Council (SES-GSC) is an informal group of graduate students within SES that meets monthly to discuss issues relating to the well-being of our members and ways to foster graduate student participation within the department. The SES-GSC considers all graduate students within SES to be members of the council. We have three primary objectives:

  1. Advance the interests of our members by providing a link between graduate students, faculty, and staff within SES and to the larger University of Guelph community.
  2. Foster a strong community of graduate students within SES by encouraging student participation and listening to the concerns of our members.
  3. Conduct all business in a professional, transparent, and fiscally responsible manner.

Our executive is as diverse as the research that occurs within SES. If you have an event idea, a question or concern about safety or other aspects of being a graduate student, or if you think joining the SES-GSC executive might be for you, check out our Facebook page, contact us, or come out to our next meeting!

Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 12, noon, at the SES Grad Lounge in Graham Hall (Room 2307).

Our Executive

Role Name Email address


Serge Levesque


Kayla Mundy

Communications Rep.

Amy Pawlick


Justin Vanslingerland

Coffee Cart Rep. Bovey

Lea Blechschmidt

Social Rep.

Pooja Arora

GSA Rep. 1



GSA Rep. 2



OAC Rep. 1

Jillian Filmer

OAC Rep. 2

Dillon Muldoon
OAC Rep. 3    

Grad Studies Committee MES



Grad Studies Committee MSc


Grad Studies Committee PhD

Jordan Musetta-Lambert

International Student Rep.

Nuria Morfin

Safety Rep. 1

Sandeep Shunmugarajah

Safety Rep. 2



Outreach Committee Rep.



Research Committee Rep. Vacant