Soil Health Interpretive Center (SHIC)

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Image of a soil profile at the Elora Research Station A group of people listening as the lysimeter system is explained.

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This centre is to inform, share and connect with interested stakeholders on soil health and ecosystem services through an Interpretive Centre, hosting farmer-focus groups, creating a mobile application and utilizing media outlets. Specifically, we aim to educate the public on the current research and data collection occurring at the University of Guelph’s Elora research station which uses newly installed long-term soil lysimeter infrastructure to understand the environmental impacts of diverse cropping systems on different soil types. Our specific objectives are:

  • Increasing awareness of research conducted on soil health and ecosystem services by connecting directly with grassroots stakeholders through OSCIA
  • Translation of research results and data into accessible formats for farmers’ use and to generate increased understanding of diverse cropping system benefits and drawbacks
  • Engaging farmers to be a part of the research process in order to increase willingness to implement BMPs (such as diverse cropping)
  • Educating agricultural producers, policymakers and students on soil health and ecosystem services

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