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you Tube Video- Meet Youbin Zheng

Youbin Zheng

greenhouse production, nursery production, green roofs, urban agriculture, water treatment, constructed wetland, sensor-based irrigation, fertilization, phytoremediation


you Tube Video- Meet Rebecca Hallett

Rebecca Hallett

integrated pest management, biological control, invasive species

you Tube Video- Meet Paul Sibley

Paul Sibley

ecotoxicology, risk assessment, water quality, disturbance ecology, aquatic-terrestrial ecotones

you Tube Video- Meet Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

bacteria, fungi, plants, cellular/molecular plant-microbe interactions

you Tube Video- Meet Nigel Raine

Nigel Raine

pollinator conservation, pollinator behaviour, impacts of environmental stressors on bees, pollinator behaviour, pollination ecology

you Tube Video- Meet Neil Rooney

Neil Rooney

food web ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem stability, environmental impact assessment, First Nations traditional knowledge, fisheries management

You Tube Video- Meet Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

controlled environments, biological life support, space exploration, plant-environment interaction

You Tube Video- Meet Madhur Anand

Madhur Anand

global ecological change, sustainability science, forest ecology, ecological modelling, biodiversity

You Tube Video- Meet Laura Van Eerd

Laura Van Eerd

nitrogen fertility, soil health, cover crops, vegetable and low acreage production, crop rotation