Undergraduate summer positions in the Hallett lab

Summer 2020 Research Assistant Positions in Dr. Rebecca Hallett's Applied Entomology Lab

Do you love insects? Are you interested in gaining research experience? If so, we might have the summer job for you! We are hiring four or five undergraduate students to assist us with lab and field projects on the cyclamen mite (Phytonemus pallidus), swede midge (Contarinia nasturtii), and Synopeas myles (a swede midge parasitoid) this summary (May - August). 

Specific job duties may include all or some of the following:

URA/USRA Positions available - Apply!

URA Positions:

URA (Undergraduate Research Assistantship) positions provide summer  research opportunities for students which demonstrated financial need.

Experimental set up on the left and immobilized Daphnia magna on the right after having been exposed to Microcystis

New research shows invertebrates can be harmed by cyanobacteria

Algal blooms are becoming more and more frequent. Those blooms can be harmful for freshwater lakes and nearby ecosystems and communities. One of the dominant algae species in those blooms is a cyanobacteria named Microcystis. Cyanobacteria are also called blue-green algae and are so tiny, that you can only really see them under the microscope. Despite their size, they can have detrimental effects on organism and can cause death to humans, dogs, fish, birds, etc.  Those negative effects are the result of a toxic substance belonging to the class of microcystins.

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