The School of Environmental Sciences comprises: an enthusiastic student body of graduate and undergraduate students; an energetic and dedicated staff; a group of rising stars in our postdoctoral researchers; a core group of environmental science faculty members; an additional group of permanent faculty holding primary appointments in other departments and schools within the university, but cross-listed with SES; and a large number of adjunct faculty members from around the country.

Faculty in the School of Environmental Sciences conduct research, educate, and engage in service activities related to how humans impact managed and unmanaged ecosystems.  They are involved in multiple research areas (SES Research) in many parts of the world, and teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses (SES Programs). To learn more about specific research and teaching activities, and opportunities, with individual faculty, please consult their profile pages via the links below.

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Name E-mail Research Area
Anand, Madhur
global ecological change, sustainability science, forest ecology, ecological modelling, biodiversity
Arnaud, Emmanuelle
glacial geology, sedimentology, quaternary geology, hydrogeology, subsurface environments
Biswas, Asim
Dixon, Michael
controlled environment, biological life support, space exploration, plant-environment interaction
Dunfield, Kari
environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, soil microbiology
Gilroyed, Brandon
biofuels, anaerobic digestion, biohydrogen, biogas, biomass, wastewater
Glasauer, Susan
microbial geochemistry, soil chemistry, biogeochemistry
Goodwin, Paul
bacteria, fungi, plants, cellular/molecular plant-microbe interactions
Gordon, Andrew
agroforestry systems, forest ecosystem ecology, nutrient cycling, ecological modeling, bioenergy systems
Guzman, Ernesto
bee biology, bee pathology, bee behaviour, bee genetics, bee ecology
Habash, Marc
aquatic microbiology, microbial biofilm development and physiology, molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and catabolic genes
Hale, Beverley
metal contamination of soils, soil remediation
Hallett, Rebecca
integrated pest management, biological control, invasive species
Heck, Richard
soil morphology, landform quantification, 3D soil models, spatial configuration of soil components
Hsiang, Tom
tree diseases, turf diseases, fungal genomics
Hunt, Shelley
ecosystem structure and function in managed forests, forest biodiversity, forest plant community dynamics, carbon and nitrogen dynamics in forest litter and woody debris, boreal forest ecology, forest restoration
Lauzon, John
nutrient cycling and management, agroecosystems, manure management, soil nutrients
Lee, Hung
biodegradation, biomass conversion, environmental microbiology, pathogen detection, pentose-fermenting yeasts
Longstaffe, James
environmental chemistry, natural organic matter, soil chemistry, soil contamination, groundwater contamination, environmental remediation, analytical instrumentation
Marshall, Stephen
taxonomy systematics, biodiversity, Diptera (flies), Insecta identification, faunistics
O'Halloran, Ivan
soil phosphorus, phosphorus cycling, nutrient management, phosphorus index, manure nutrient availability, nutrient runoff, water quality
Otis, Gard
speciation, asian honey bees, beekeeping development, butterfly ecology and behaviour, bee behaviour, insect conservation, emerald ash borer, ash trees, giant asian hornets
Prosser, Ryan
Environmental toxicology; ecotoxicological risk characterization; pesticide toxicology; mollusk biology and conservation
Raine, Nigel
pollinator conservation, pollinator behaviour, impacts of pesticides on bees, insect behaviour, pollination ecology
Rooney, Neil
food web ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem stability, environmental impact assessment, first nations traditional knowledge, fisheries management
Schmidt, Jonathan
insect sensory and hormonal physiology, biological control and integrated pest management, ecotoxicology of Collembola (springtails), litter decomposition and composting, computational chemistry and molecular design, spider ecology
Scott-Dupree, Cynthia
sustainable agriculture, entomology, environmental toxicology, non- target impacts, IPM
Sibley, Paul
Environmental Toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Risk Assessment, Water Quality, Disturbance Ecology, Aquatic-terrestrial Ecotones
Thevathasan, Naresh
Agroforestry, Biomass Crops and International Development
Van Eerd, Laura L.
nitrogen fertility, soil health, cover crops, vegetable and low acreage production, crop rotation
Voroney, Paul
soil biology and biochemistry, biogeochemical cycling of soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous, soil management, organic waste management, organic agriculture
Wagner-Riddle, Claudia
Net greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy feedstock, Micrometeorology, Methane emissions from anaerobic digesters, Farm-scale greenhouse gas emissions, Freeze-thaw nitrous oxide emissions, Fertilizer-induced nitrous oxide emissions
Warland, Jon
agricultural meteorology, measurement and modelling of atmospheric turbulent transport, environmental instrumentation, agricultural physics
Watson, Alan
Zheng, Youbin
greenhouse production, nursery production, green roofs, urban agriculture, water treatment, constructed wetland, sensor-based irrigation, fertilization, phytoremediation