Ecosystem Science and Biodiversity

Faculty in the Ecosystem Science and Biodiversity field study various topics in:

  • toxicology
  • pest management
  • management of agroecosystems
  • microbiology
  • forest systems
  • agroforestry
  • climate change biology
  • ecology, and
  • insect systematics and taxonomy.

Madhur Anand

Research interests: global ecological change, sustainability science, forest ecology, ecological modelling, biodiversity

Kari Dunfield

Research interests: environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, soil microbiology

Ernesto Guzman

Research interests: bee biology, bee pathology, bee behaviour, bee genetics, bee ecology

Marc Habash 

Research interests: aquatic microbiology, microbial biofilm development and physiology, molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and catabolic genes

Shelley Hunt

Research interests: ecosystem structure and function in managed forests, forest biodiversity, forest plant community dynamics, carbon and nitrogen dynamics in forest litter and woody debris, boreal forest ecology, forest restoration

Stephen Marshall 

Research interests: taxonomy systematics, biodiversity, Diptera (flies), Insect identification, faunistics

Gard Otis

Research interests: speciation, asian honey bees, beekeeping development, butterfly ecology and behaviour, bee behaviour, insect conservation, emerald ash borer, ash trees, giant asian hornets)

Ryan Prosser 

Research interests: environmental toxicology, ecotoxicological risk characterization, pesticide toxicology, mollusk biology and conservation

Nigel Raine

Research interests: pollinator conservation, pollinator behaviour, impacts of environmental stressors on bees, pollinator behaviour, pollination ecology

Neil Rooney 

Research interests: food web ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem stability, environmental impact assessment, First Nations traditional knowledge, fisheries management

Jonathan Schmidt 

Research interests: insect sensory and hormonal physiology, biological control and integrated pest management, ecotoxicology of Collembola (springtails), litter decomposition and composting, computational chemistry and molecular design, spider ecology

Paul Sibley 

Research interests: ecotoxicology, risk assessment, water quality, disturbance ecology, aquatic-terrestrial ecotones