Faculty staff and students lead a number of service related enterprises, including:

  • The Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility and its Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture program are an essential part of Canada's contributions to plant research and development for space and closed environment related activities.
  • The University of Guelph Insect Collection is the oldest insect collection in Canada and holds nearly 2 million specimens.
  • The Honey Bee Research Lab is one of the oldest parts of what now make up the modern university.  It dates to 1874 and has been in continuous operation since it's founding.  Today the Bee Lab remains place of learning but it also leads the country in research on colony collapse disorder and other serious threats to bee populations. 
  •  Some examples of service activities:
    • The Analytical Instrumentation Lab provides fee-for-service sample analysis both within and outside the university. 
    • Other fee-for-service enterprises within SES include remote sensing tools and soil imaging capabilities. 
    • The agrometerology group maintains two weather recording stations, one in Elora and one in Guelph, and makes these records publicly available. 
    • Environmental toxicology lab testing and consulting
    • Training in Good Lab Practice (GLP) methods
  • SES faculty also engage in a great deal of service to their professions. 
  • The School of Environmental Sciences Agrometeorology group maintains two automatic weather stations that collect hourly climatic data. These weather stations are located at the Elora Research Station (ERS) and the Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI).