Youbin Zheng

Position / Title

Associate Professor/Environmental Horticulture Chair


(519) 824-4120 Ext. 52741 Room: ECBL 2220


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Research Category

Plant and Environmental Health
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The following are some on-going research interests in his program:
 Greenhouse (e.g. ornamental, vegetable and medicinal plants) and nursery (e.g. woody and perennial plants) production.
 Greenroof plants and growing substrates.
 Urban agriculture.
 Sustainable ornamental plant production.
 Organic vegetable greenhouse and high tunnel production.
 Advanced life support for Mars mission.
 Soilless growing substrates development and evaluation (especially environmentally friendly growth substrates such as biodegradable and recyclable growth substrates) for greenhouse and nursery production.
 Irrigation (sensors and automation, balance water and oxygen in the root zone).
 Using beneficial microorganisms (e.g. microbes from vermicasting and compost) for pathogen management.
 Light and crop production in greenhouse and controlled environment.
 Plant nutrition, especially science and technology related to nutrient recirculation in hydroponic system and the application of low nutrient strategy in greenhouse production.
 Disinfection technologies (e.g. electrolytically generated copper ion, ozone, chlorine etc) for water, nutrient solution and facilities in greenhouse and other controlled environment production systems (e.g. advanced life support system, nursery).
 Water use and conservation.

Irrigation water treatment (eg. constructed wetland systems and other technologies).
 Root zone oxygenation (using modern technology to improve plant root zone oxygen environment and the responses of plant growth, physiology and diseases to root zone oxygenation);
 Growth regulators [e.g. Ethephon (Ethrel)] application in floriculture production and their plant physiological effects;
 CO2 enrichment and its effects on photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, nutrient uptake and crop production;
 New technology for growing nutraceutical and medicinal crops (e.g. Bitter melon, Echinacea and St. Johns Wort) in controlled environment (e.g. greenhouse).
 Plant stress physiology, including plant response to O3, SO2, NOx, acid precipitation, water, heat, nutrient etc.

Research Area

greenhouse production, nursery production, green roofs, urban agriculture, water treatment, constructed wetland, sensor-based irrigation, fertilization, phytoremediation