TA210551- Winter 2022, _________-MGMT*1100 Business Career Preparation

Teaching Assistant Work Assignment
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Type of Work Assignment and Bargaining Unit: 
UTA, Unit 1
Academic Unit: 
Dean's Office - LANG
Semester(s) of Assignment(s): 
Winter 2022
This Work Assignment(s) may be assigned to fulfill the terms and conditions of a guaranteed Job Security Period: 
Course Details
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Business Career Preparation
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Course Description: 
See Course Calendar
Other Course Description or Assignment Information: 
MGMT*1100 is designed to provide students with knowledge and tools to enhance their career readiness skills, leading to a greater level of confidence and success when approaching the career search process. Students will be guided through a framework for career management and steps to create a personal “career toolkit”. This includes materials and resources such as a resume and cover letter, making informed decisions about career paths, how to access career opportunities and presenting a professional image to employers. Candidate will be required to work remotely, primarily via the University’s CourseLink system, during regular University instructional hours (8:30 AM to 10:00 PM EST) as required.
Projected Class Enrolment: 
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Duties and Responsibilities
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Other Duties Described: 
Graders will work entirely remotely and aren't required to be on campus. Training will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams and CourseLink. To grade, you will require internet access and a computer. Candidate will be required to work remotely, primarily via the University’s CourseLink system, during regular University instructional hours (8:30 AM to 10:00 PM EST) as required.)”
Required Qualifications: 
- Must be a current B.Comm undergraduate student who has successfully completed either MGMT*1100 or COOP*1100 - Must demonstrate strong knowledge of effective and targeted resume writing skills and engaging with employers, extracurriculars and career development opportunities; - Applicant’s resume presentation (layout/design, structure, content) will be a key criteria for determining suitability for the role; - Accuracy and attention to detail; - Strong written communication skills; - Applicants must submit a cover letter, resume and transcript for this work assignment
Preferred Qualifications: 
- Preference for students with grading experience and/or involvement with BCDC or a LANG Affiliated club.
Days Required and Wages
Days and Times Required: 
This course runs in the W22 semester, grading required throughout the semester, and may include the exam period.
Period of the Work Assignment (Start Date and End Date): 
January 10, 2022 to April 29, 2022
Wage Rate (per hour, per semester, per Full-load 1.0 Work Assignment): 
UTA $27.15/hr effective 2021/22
Other Posting Information
Application Deadline (All postings will automatically expire at 11:59 pm on this day): 
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
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Hiring Contact Information: 
Nina Eryavec (neryavec@uoguelph.ca) Lang School of Business and Economics

At the University of Guelph, fostering a culture of inclusion is an institutional imperative. The University invites and encourages applications from all qualified individuals, including from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in employment, who may contribute to further diversification of our Institution. For more information, the Office of Diversity and Human Rights (DHR) is a welcoming, safe and confidential one-stop shop for information, training and support on issues relating to diversity and human rights on our campus.

Teaching Assistant work assignments are unionized with CUPE 3913 and their terms and conditions of work are covered by the Unit 1 Collective Agreement between the University and CUPE 3913 (email contact: president@cupe3913.on.ca).