Stop. Ask. Campaign Stop. Ask. is connected the the respectful value as part of the I Am A Gryphon campaign.

In the 2016/2017 academic year, the University of Guelph launched a new campaign addressing sexual violence on campus. The Stop. Ask. campaign was designed with the intention to be direct, tangible, consistent, timely and unifying. The slogan Stop. Ask. works to remind students that when engaging in sexual activity, the onus is on everyone to “stop and ask for consent” and “ask and stop” when someone does not consent to an activity. Through this campaign, the University of Guelph acknowledges the following:

  • Consent is essential, mandatory, and ongoing when engaging in sexual activity
  • Sexual violence affects everyone, regardless of whether they identify as a man, woman, or neither
  • Sexual violence will not end by telling people how to protect themselves by dressing differently, drinking less, or not going out alone
  • The cause and the solution to sexual violence lies within the perpetrator and it is their actions that need to change

Students can also play a role in preventing sexual violence by being an active bystander; you can ask a person to stop if you see something that is non-consensual, and stop and ask if you are unsure if someone is okay.

By remembering to Stop. Ask. you are helping us work towards a sexual violence free campus community.