Reporting Sexual Violence

Reporting is your choice

It is your decision whether or not to file an official report with the University about sexual violence. We understand that this decision may be difficult. Consulting with Women In Crisis, a professional counsellor, the Student Affairs Case Director or other trusted resource may be able to help you decide what you want to do.

Reporting procedures

Please refer to the Sexual Violence Procedures Documents for Students for specific information regarding Disclosure, Interim Measures and Complaint procedures for incidents of Sexual Violence involving students.

Procedures for allegations against faculty and staff can be found at Violence Prevention in the WorkplaceHarassment Prevention in the Workplace, or the Human Rights Policy.

Where to report

You have options as to where you begin the reporting process.

Student Affairs Case Director
519-824-4120 ext 53020
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm

The Student Affairs Case Director is available to provide information about the processes available regarding allegations of Sexual Violence involving students. The Student Affairs Case Director can provide or facilitate the provision of Supports (see Section 7 of the Sexual Violence Policy) to Survivors upon receiving a Disclosure. Students do not need to file a written complaint to receive Supports. The Student Affairs Case Director can also provide recommendations to the University regarding Interim Measures as defined in Section 6 of the Procedures Document for Students.

Campus Community Police
Emergency: 519 824-4120 ext 2000 or 519-840-5000
Non-emergency: 519 824-4120 ext 52245

Campus Community Police (CCP) is available to advise the complainant of the available options and can also assist in safety planning. CCP may facilitate interim measures regarding University facilities where the University determines there may be a safety risk. CCP, in conjunction with the Guelph Police Service will provide the complainant with options related to filing a complaint, the investigative process and criminal charges, as necessary. Except in rare circumstances where there is a serious safety risk to others, the complainant determines what process and action will be taken, if any. If criminal charges are laid, CCP will inform complainants of progress in criminal prosecution.

Student Housing Services
Contact Student Housing Services' Residence Assistant or Residence Manager through a Residence Hall Desk
East: ext 58124
North: ext 58122
South: ext 58123

Office of Diversity and Human Rights
519-824-4120 ext 53000

The Office of Diversity and Human Rights can help address and resolve concerns and complaints about sexual harassment, and complaints about sexual violence. Individuals involved in the complaint resolution procedures described in Human Rights at the University of Guelph, the university’s human rights policy document, can receive the assistance of a trained Human Rights Resource Person. Human Rights Resource Persons are university community members who are deployed by the office, upon request by university community members involved in the complaint process.