Graduate Courses

Term: Fall 2018
Term Course code Title Section Instructor Course Outline
Fall 2018 ANTH*6000 Public Issues Anthropology 01 Edward Hedican
Fall 2018 ANTH*6080 Anthropological Theory 01 Sylvain, Renee
Fall 2018 ANTH/SOC*6460 Gender and Development 01 Sylvain, Renee
Fall 2018 CCJP*6300 Research Methods in Criminal Justice 01 Dawson, Myrna
Fall 2018 SOC*6070 Sociological Theory 01 Parnaby, Patrick
Fall 2018 SOC*6140 Qualitative Research Methods 01 Nelson, Erin
Fall 2018 SOC*6400 Special Topics in Sociology (Community Engaged Scholarship) 01 Morton, Mavis
Fall 2018 SOC*6520 Social Movements and Collective Action 01 Kowalchuk, Lisa
Fall 2018 SOC*6700 Pro-seminar 01 Varghese, Jeji
Fall 2018 SOC*6750 PhD Professional Seminar 01
Fall 2018 SOC*6800 Advanced Topics in Sociological Theory 01 Garcia-Del Moral, Paulina
Term: Winter 2019
Term Course code Title Section Instructor Course Outline
Winter 2019 ANTH*6140 Qualitative Research Methods 01 Kawano, Satsuki
Winter 2019 ANTH/SOC*6270 Diversity and Social Equality 01 Garcia-Del Moral, Paulina
Winter 2019 ANTH/SOC*6420 Global Agro-Food Systems, Communities and Rural Change 01 Winson, Tony PDF icon ANTH/SOC*6420 Outline
Winter 2019 ANTH/SOC*6480 Work, Gender and Change in a Global Context 01 Shalla, Vivian PDF icon ANTH/SOC*6480 Outline
Winter 2019 ANTH/SOC*6700 Pro-seminar 01 Varghese, Jeji
Winter 2019 SOC*6130 Quantitative Research Methods 01 Walters, David
Winter 2019 SOC*6200 Advanced Issues in Mixed Research Methodologies 01 Broll, Ryan PDF icon SOC*6200 Outline
Winter 2019 SOC*6350 Society, Crime and Control 01 Hathaway, Andrew PDF icon SOC*6350 Outline