• The veterinarian MUST be registered first using this website and  receive a postmortem kit from the AHL
  • The postmortem form and photos MUST first be uploaded using this website for the case to be processed by the AHL
  • Register now and receive a kit BEFORE you have a case for postmortem
What is this Project?
  • There is a need to assist veterinarians in providing diagnostic services to their sheep and goat clients, specifically in the diagnosis of on-farm mortalities of adult sheep and goats.
  • For this project, veterinarians are to perform on-farm postmortems of adult mortalities, and submit the required information and samples to the AHL using this webpage as the interface.
  • If you want more information, contact the project administrator at .
  • If you wish to participate, please Request an Account using the button on the left panel.
  • Make sure you have an account and we have sent you a sampling kit before performing an postmortem.
Which Veterinarians are Eligible to Participate?
  • Veterinarians licensed to practice in Ontario and who provide veterinary services to Ontario sheep or goat farms.
What Type of Animals Qualify for Submission?
  • Sheep and goats must be one year of age or older to be eligible.
  • The farming operation must be raising animals for meat, milk or fibre, i.e. pets are not eligible.
  • The farm where the animal is located must have an Ontario Provincial Premises ID (PPR ID) or postmortem results cannot be released.
  • The animal must be diagnostically suitable, i.e. must be fresh and not autolyzed.
  • Cases not submitted with correct samples will not be accepted for this project but can be diverted into the normal AHL diagnostic stream
How Many Animals May be Submitted?
  • To optimize the available resources, one animal per “outbreak” is encouraged.
  • Each veterinarian is limited at this time to 3 submissions.
  • If more resources become available, this will be increased.
  • Multiple veterinarians from the same clinic may each submit but each must have their own account.
What Needs to be Submitted to the AHL?
  • The use of this web interface is required to upload signalment and history information, as well as digital photographs of the carcass. A prescriptive list of tissues must also be submitted to the AHL, University of Guelph using a sampling kit (provided). More information is available once you log in.
What are the Costs?
  • The project has funds to subsidize the cost of the veterinarian performing the postmortem on-farm, and for diagnostic tests performed. More information is available once you log in.
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