Project Support

President Vaccarino lead the strategic renewal project with the assistance of our four vice-presidents, under the guidance of the Board of Governors and the Senate. The project was also supported by the strategic renewal advisory committee and a project management team.

Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee

The Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee provided expertise and advice to help interpret inputs into the strategic renewal project and to provide recommendations for the draft strategic renewal document. The committee included faculty, staff, students, board members, alumni and members of the external community. It was chaired by President Vaccarino.

The Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee supported a number of key tasks during the process, including:

  1. Reviewing community input and contributions from Phase 1.
  2. Identifying key themes from that material.
  3. Providing advice on how to develop those themes.
  4. Offering guidance on preparing a draft set of final recommendations and related community consultations.

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All materials provided to the advisory committee are available online.


Advisory Committee Document Centre



Project Management Team

A project management team coordinated the project and facilitated community conversations, drawing on expertise from within the University.

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