Read U of G’s strategic framework

June 2016
Approved in spring 2016, the University of Guelph’s strategic framework – Our Path Forward – is an institutional planning document that describes who we are, where we will focus and how we will move forward as a University. It reaffirms the University’s common purpose – the qualities that are essential to our future success – and provides guideposts to help in strategic decision making.

The framework contains five intersecting themes of equal importance:

  • Inspiring Learning and Inquiry
  • Connecting Communities
  • Catalyzing Discovery and Change
  • Nurturing a Distinctive University Culture
  • Stewarding Valued Resources

Each theme includes objectives and questions to help frame our future planning in an institutional context. As new plans are developed, they will be evaluated through the framework to ensure they advance and support the University’s stated direction.

U of G’s Senate and Board of Governors have unanimously approved the University’s new strategic framework, calling it “aspirational and visionary.”


Read the text-only version of the Strategic Framework.

Strategic Framework infographic

Read U of G’s Campus Bulletin about the approved Strategic Framework.