Support for Survivors

Accommodations Available

After experiencing sexual violence it’s often difficult for a survivor to find a sense of normalcy. Sometimes accommodations can help to some extent with a survivors healing journey. Accommodations could include helping to address physical safety concerns, academic concerns, and/or physiological concerns, in the spirit of assisting the survivor to find some level of comfort during a difficult healing process. If you are a survivor and wish to learn more about what accommodations might be available to help support you, please email

Coordinated Care

Care coordination is the deliberate organization of services to facilitate the appropriate delivery of support to meet the needs of individuals. During a time of trauma, it is extremely difficult to think clearly, and to manage organizational systems (policies and procedures). This office will work with the survivor to understand unique obstacles and to develop a management plan that is realistic for the student. Then the office will leverage campus resources on the behalf of the student to carry out the required aspects of the management plan. Coordinated care allows the survivor to concentrate on themselves with limited attention placed on navigating policies, procedures, and services.  If you are a survivor and would like to review the options available to you, please email

Discuss Reporting Options

Survivors may choose to disclose their story and wish for no further action to follow, and that is okay. However, survivors may also wish to move forward with a formal process that could result in consequences for the person who caused them harm (criminal or non-criminal). This office will discuss the different reporting processes and the options available to the survivor such as the Student Judicial process, Residence Judicial process, the Diversity & Human Rights process, or a criminal process. If you are a survivor and would like to review the options available to you, please email

Financial Assistance

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General provides eligible survivors with financial assistance for services such as: short-term counselling; emergency repairs to secure premises for immediate safety; and emergency accommodations. Applications are typically reviewed within 3 business days. If you are a survivor and would like to learn more about the application process, please email

Safety Planning

Safety planning is a thoughtful, deliberate, and an on-going process in which a staff member and a survivor create a plan to enhance the student’s safety to the extent possible. The process of safety planning is critical in helping to identify and to address the unique safety needs of each survivor.  Safety planning includes, but is not limited to: physical safety, environmental safety, psychological safety, and technological safety. The plan also helps students safeguard their wellness and academics. Students are welcome to bring a support person with them to the planning meeting. If you are a survivor and wish to learn more about safety planning or wish to create a plan of your own, please email

Self-Defense for Survivors

This office will work with the Athletic Department to coordinate a training for survivors and friends of survivors with a minimum of 6 participants. The training session will be an introduction to self-defense. This course will teach participants about risk: recognition, reduction, awareness and avoidance. Basic self-defense techniques are learned and practiced.