Vision, Mission & Values (Student Affairs)

Tag Line

Developing the person, scholar & citizen.



To be recognized as leaders in Canadian universities in the development of the person, scholar & citizen.


Our mission is to provide quality programs and services to students that will aid in the development of the person, scholar and citizen.

Primary Objectives

As partners in learning, Student Affairs' staff work collaboratively with faculty, staff and students and are committed to:

  • enriching the educational experience by providing learning opportunities that will engage students inside and outside of the classroom in order to help develop them to be successful, productive and contributing citizens in a global society.
  • delivering quality programs, services and environments that help all students achieve their potential - intellectual, ethical, emotional, social, spiritual and physical.
  • creating and fostering a supportive campus environment that is inviting, accessible and reflective of the diversity of our students.
  • providing a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment that promotes academic success.


Members of the Student Affairs team embrace the following values, as each guide us in all of our interactions, with faculty, staff, students, alumni and external partners.


Acting as role models, we will promote diversity and strive to ensure that our programs and services are available and welcoming to all who wish to participate.


We will be transparent in our decision-making and share ownership for actions and outcomes with students.


We recognize and acknowledge that an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect is vital to the success of the University of Guelph community. We will respect the opinions of others, be courteous and polite in every action, both in person and on-line, and approach each situation with care and compassion.


We will seek out and engage broadly appropriate members of the internal and external community including students as we design and offer programs, in a spirit that supports commitment and consensus.


We embrace change and continually strive to implement or enhance new programs and services. We will find creative ways to meet our goal of excellence and advancement.


We will strive to conduct our work with the highest standards of ethical practices and personal honesty in a manner consistent and reflective of our mission and values.