Conversations To Have

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to going to university, and we cover many of the suggested conversations on the other pages available in this guide. To ensure you have one handy place to check that you've discussed everything we've experienced being helpful for students, we've created a list for you:

  • Start Programs: Has the student decided which summer and September START programs they will be part of? A full list of START programs can be found on "What To Do This Summer".
  • Privacy: Afer reading the Message to Parents, Guardians, and Supporters of University Students and knowing that the university will directly contact the student due to privacy legislation, what are the expectations on what and how much information your student shares?
  • Finances: Who is paying for what? Is the student expected to work during the year or summer? If the student is having part of their studies paid for by someone else, are they expected to pay that person back?
  • Getting Involved: In what ways will the student plan on getting involved at the U of G? Volunteering, work, clubs? Do they have a plan to check out for organizations and events? Have they thought about setting aside time in their schedules to get involved on campus so that their motivation stays high and they make connections to campus?
  • Academic Success: What happens if the student struggles or experiences a set-back? Is the student reading all the emails they are sent by the university over the summer? Doe they know their resources for when they need help? What happens if the student discovers they don't like what they are studying or think they would like something else more?
  • Visiting Home/Campus and Communication: How often are you expecting or hoping to visit each other? What about the frequency of phone calls, texts and communicating during the year?
  • Health and Wellness: If the student experiences a setback or challenge, do they tell their parents/families/supporters? How soon? What boundaries do they want to set on what they will share and the role of the family in helping? Do they know their resources for when they need help?
  • Summers: Where is the student going to live? Are they going to take classes or work?