What To Do This Summer

As soon as your student accepts their offer to the U of G, they can begin to access resources and information about coming to Guelph. They will be receiving emails about these through their new University of Guelph email address and should set aside about an hour per week to check and read through all the information they'll be receiving. Below are some of the key programs they'll be invited to participate in.

For an overview of important dates and deadlines, check out the STARTHere calendar,


STARTOnline.ca is the primary starting place for all Summer Orientation programs. This includes key dates, the opportunity to build relationships with students from the same program, a place to ask any question they may have about coming to University, tips on how to be successful in first year and a lot more. At least three quarters of all new students access this each year and over 75% of them recommend it as something all students should use.

START Social Media

Ensure your student is following social media and joining their academic social media groups. This will ensure your student is connected with real-time information and begin to meet other students in the U of G community.


We highly suggest this event for students who want to meet other students, wants tips on being successful, will be living off-campus, coming directly from high school with a lower incoming average, or are unsure why you are going to university. During STARTonCampus, we'll give students tips on how to succeed and give them the opportunity to meet some of their classmates. Encourage your student to register for STARTonCampus.

START Aboriginal

If you are supporting a student who identifies as Métis, Inuit, Indigenous or Aboriginal we strongly suggest they participate in START Aboriginal.

START International

If you are supporting an international student, we strongly suggest they participate in START International.

START Strong

This program helps students to build a sense of purpose and to get them to predict how they will overcome common challenges faced by students at University. We collect information through a survey and text the student at key points throughout the semester with a combination of their words and resources that should help them. Encourage your student to register online at www.startonline.ca/STARTstrong.

​START Accessible

The orientation program, START Accessible, runs from August 28th-30th, just prior to orientation week. This program provides the opportunity to move into residence early (if applicable), learn about academic life, meet SAS staff and returning students, begin the process of setting up accommodations and learn about the available resources that will help you achieve success in your first year. If you are interested in learning more about programs and services offered by SAS, please visit their website.

Orientation Week

Starting on August 31st, 2019, Orientation Week at Guelph has hundreds of events to familiarize you with the University of Guelph, prepare for academic success, and meet other students. In August, encourage your student to step outside their comfort zone and engage in events that are proven to foster academic and social success. Additionally, encourage your student to prepare for Orientation Week by downloading the O-Week app and planning what they will attend! They will be informed on the app's launch through the UofG Student Experience's social media platforms. Encourage your student to read more at www.startonline.ca/Oweek.


This is a peer-to-peer program where upper-year students meet one-to-one with new students to support them in their transition to university. Hundreds of first-year students join this program every year. Sign up soon!