Muslim Community

The University of Guelph is dedicated to providing accessible services for muslim students in order to help meet spiritual needs.

Prayer Services

Daily prayers can be observed in the Multi-Faith Room, located in the University Centre on the fifth floor in room 533.

Friday prayers are held in Peter Clark Hall in the University Centre basement level at 1:30pm.

Wudu/ablution areas are also located in the University Centre basement level - wudu area for men is located in the men’s washroom and the wudu area for women is located across the women’s washroom.

Services are also conducted on campus at the time of two festivals (Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha) on the Muslim calendar.For information with regards to other events and services that take place throughout the semester or questions and concerns, email the Muslim Students’ Association at or the Muslim Student Representative for the Multi-Faith Resource Team, Kamela Salimi at