Neighbourhood Nexus Internship

Neighbourhood Nexus is an internship program aimed at making meaningful connections between students and neighbourhood groups in high priority areas of Guelph. By participating in the program you will learn about community development and local issues.

What's involved?

  • Interns are paired with a Neighbourhood Group for a 3-5 hrs/week internship over two semesters.
  • Along with the Neighbourhood Group staff, interns receive training and support from professional staff and Peer Helpers within Student Experience.
  • Interns have the opportunity to connect with diverse populations and gain practical experience related to: community development, poverty issues, working with children/youth, diversity, program support, event management.
  • Interns gain skills, experience and have fun!


Interns will receive training in themes such as:

  • Socioeconomic determinants of health.
  • Neighbourhood Development.
  • Working effectively with children/youth.
  • Program support.
  • Community Service Learning.

Training will consist of the following:

  • Monthly training sessions on campus.
  • On-site training with Neighbourhood Group partners.
  • Bi-weekly email check in and reflection with Student Experience professional staff and Peer Helpers.

Participant Testimonials

"The biggest lesson that impacted me was that sustainable, healthy community growth is really driven by those who care for and love the community that they are a part of."

"The greatest lesson for me was that any volunteer community work really gives back, helps both the volunteer and the organization. Definitely something I want to continue doing consistently."

"I wanted to develop my leadership skills - patience, problem solving and creativity. I hoped to learn about the Guelph community and give back before graduating. I learnt how much I enjoyed spending time with the Neighbourhood Group."

"I was hoping to use my skills learned from previous classes to give the kids ways of learning to reach their full potential. I wanted to interact with the kids and work on my leadership skills and how to mediate conflicts. I feel this did happen, there were many circumstances where we had to think on our feet, which taught me to take more lead and think quickly."

More Information

Please direct any questions to Galen Fick, Coordinator, Local Engagement, Student Experience (