The Student Experience Team

The Student Experience Team is comprised of individuals with an array of racial, ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds, community connections and expertise. Together, we represent almost 150 years of professonal experience in higher education, the non-profit sector and community-based organizations.

We are proud of our position as leaders in the field, skilled practitioners, community partners and innovators. Our ability to serve a broad swath of the student population, to innovate, to be responsive and to reach students where they are is achieved primarily due to the extensive student staff team we work with each year.

Staff Directory

Rosanna Beattie (on leave)
Coordinator, Orientation Programs
Ext. 53792

Alexis Charles
Coordinator, Cultural Diversity Programs
Ext. 53681

Jenny Daines
Coordinator, Orientation Programs
Ext. 53792

Marisa Di Leo
Coordinator, International Student Programs

Gila Cotler
Multi-Faith Resource Team (Guelph Hillel - Jewish)
Ext. 52390

Sara DeMoor
Multi-Faith Resource Team (Guelph Campus Ministry)
Ext. 52392

Cheryl Doran
Program Assistant
Ext. 58515

Kristina Eisenbach
Coordinator, Student Leadership

Kathryn Hofer
Ext. 56276

Jamie Horner
Coordinator, Indigenous Programs
Ext. 52498

Andrew Hyde
Multi-Faith Resource Team (Ecumenical Campus Ministry - Anglican, Presbyterian, United)
Ext. 52390

Laura Ignor
Manager, Business Operations
Ext. 52364

Pugaleni Iynkaran
International Student Advisor
Ext. 53636

Matthew Keefe
International Student Advisor
Ext. 58698

Deb Kemp
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 52382

You Jia Lee
Coordinator, International Student Programs
Ext. 54347

Tom Lusis
Manager, International Student Experience
Ext. 53954

Katie McLean
Coordinator, Neighbourhood Relations and Off-Campus Living
Ext. 53357

Tameera Mohamed
Cultural Diversity Advisor
Ext. 52376

Andrea Pape
Coordinator, New Student Advising
Ext. 52277

Jay Rojas
Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Advisor
Ext. 56467

Jess Ruprecht
Coordinator, Peer Helper Program
Ext. 52945

Jarred Sanchez-Cacnio
Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor
Ext. 54166

​Rabbi Raphi Steiner
Multi-Faith Resource Team (Chabad of Guelph - Jewish)
Ext. 52390

Shannon Thibodeau
Manager, Student Engagement and Leadership
Ext. 54362

Justin Toth
Coordinator, International Student Arrivals

Cara Wehkamp
Special Advisor to the President on Indigenous Initiatives
Ext. 58687

Sonya Wu-Winter
Coordinator, Multi-Faith Programs
Ext. 58909

Natasha Young
Indigenous Student Advisor
Ext. 52189