The Leadership Intensive

The Leadership Intensive (LI) is a unique program developed by the Leadership Office and Aboriginal Resource Centre in Student Experience. This program is 2 days in length with workshops and meetings in between, based on your availability. 

The LI offers an enhanced development program for any University of Guelph student who is ready to engage through leadership on a deeper level, make meaningful connections, and attain skills and tools to contribute to their personal and professional development. It's designed to help you develop the competencies employers are looking for and that our communities depend on.   

Leadership Competencies are being sought more frequently by employers when hiring new talent. Based on The Conference Board of Canada report “A Snapshot of Leadership Development Practices in Canada” (April 2014), the top 5 critical leadership competencies that employers will be looking for in 3-5 years from now are:

  • leading people/inspirational leadership

  • strategic thinking and planning

  • change leadership/management

  • collaboration/teamwork

  • innovation/fostering innovation

If you’re ready, the LI can help equip you with these competencies and the tools to develop better self-awareness, learn to engage in reflective practices, and take your personal and group leadership to the next level. 

Like all leadership programs in Student Experience, you can search for what’s coming up next on Gryphlife.