Community Engagement Hours for the Certificate in Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship

The Certificate in Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship requires completion of 120 approved volunteer Engagement Opportunity Hours while you are registered at the University of Guelph.

Your community engagement opportunities are intended to help you further develop your knowledge, skills, and values associated with the Certificate’s learning outcomes, and to pursue the personal learning plan you developed in UNIV*2410. They also provide an opportunity to dig deeper, ask
questions, and further explore the key concepts of the Certificate by putting into practice academic material from the required and electives coursework.

What counts?

During UNIV*2410, you will develop a personalized learning plan. A primary factor in determining whether or not volunteer hours will count is how connected the proposed experience is to your learning plan. The hours must also meet the requirements below.

Community Engagement Criteria

“Opportunity” refers to a unique community engagement experience, typically with a specific organization. For example, being an English Language Program Peer Helper, volunteering with a literacy program in an elementary school, and participating in a Project Serve program would be considered three different opportunities.

  • You must engage in at least two (2) different opportunities.
  • You must engage with at least two (2) different organizations.
  • Each opportunity must involve a minimum of 20 hours of direct community engagement. Required training and/or social activities (volunteer appreciation events and socials) are not counted in the calculation of total hours.
  • A minimum of 90 hours must be completed before registering for the Certificate capstone course UNIV*4410. A summary of the minimum 90 completed hours must be submitted via GryphLife for UNIV*4410 faculty approval. The summary must be submitted in the semester prior to enrolling (typically the Fall).
  • While engaging in an opportunity, you must abide by the University of Guelph's policies and procedures, including Non-Academic Misconduct as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • If the opportunity includes travel outside of Canada, you must complete the University of Guelph’s online DepartSmart Program administered by the Centre for International Programs. University of Guelph students are not allowed to travel for institutional purposes to countries or regions where Global Affairs Canada has identified to avoid all or avoid non-essential travel. Please visit the Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisories site for information.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain a police record check if required by the partner organization. Student Volunteer Connections offers a bursary to help cover the cost of fees connected to volunteering (such as Police Record Checks) on a first-come-first-served basis. Visit the Student Volunteer Connections website for details.
  • You can count up to 60 hours of community engagement that was started before the first day of class for UNIV*2410. These hours must have been started during your university career and must meet all the other community engagement criteria above.
  • Paid and for-credit opportunities do not qualify towards the 120 hour requirement.


For questions about community engagement hours, please contact:

Daniel Poulin
Experiential Learning Specialist
Experiential Learning Hub
519-824-4120 Ext. 58551