Financial Check-List

Important Deadlines

At the end of July, a student’s “university bill” will be posted on WebAdvisor. The student will have to log in to view this; information is sent to each student’s GryphMail (U of G email).

August 9th - $200 Registration Deposit due.

September 13th – Full WebAdvisor bill due.

Where to Seek Help

Many students and their supporters find that university life costs more than they had anticipated. Students are highly encouraged to make a budget that includes their costs and responsibilities for the upcoming academic year. Student Financial Services helps students to be financially prepared for university. For guidance on finances at university, contact Student Financial Services. Student Financial Services can help with any uncertainties you may have about understanding OSAP, deadlines, application forms, how to keep your account in good standing, and so much more. Like every resource on campus, the student should be the one who initiates contacting Student Financial Services for support. Due to privacy, resources on campus look to speak directly to students, and supports (family, other) can join the conversation with permission from the student.

Before the Student Arrives

  • Have a conversation: Who will be paying for university? What does this look like? What are the expectations around this, both ways?
  • If your student has a summer job encourage them save some money for the upcoming year.
  • Guide your student to where they can get information o budgeting, navigating bursaries, loans and scholarships, and get introduce with the UofG’s financial supports and resources.
  • Encourage your student to initiate support from Student Financial Services.
  • Guide your student to Experience Guelph to explore their part-time job options for the academic year. This will be available for students in late August.
  • Encourage your student to explore the Experiential Learning Hub website to learn about the experiential learning and career advising opportunities the UofG offers.
  • Help your student apply (early) for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) at Students who apply for OSAP should do so as soon as possible. They can get more information on OSAP directly on their website.
  • Recommend your student plan a day each week to check their GryphMail for emails regarding financial deadlines. This allows you to see how much you owe on your student account.
  • Encourage the student to make a budget for anticipated and unexpected financial commitments in university.

Financial Challenges While in School

Financial counselling is available on a drop-in basis during the first two weeks of each semester. For the rest of the year, counsellors are available to assist with your individual financial need situation by appointment. Appointments can be booked by calling 519-824- 4120, extension 58715 or in person at Student Client Services, 3rd Floor, University Centre during regular business hours. This can include budget counselling, OSAP appeals, bursary appeals and emergency funding requests. Everything you need to know about deadlines, resources available to students, and common tips/tricks is available on the Student Financial Services website.