Elections and Voting on Campus

We're here to help you get informed about voting at all levels. For a list of our current election-related events, check out our events page on GryphLife.

Campus Elections

It's your education - have a voice in how decisions are made about anything - from which courses are taught to funding support for student clubs. Better yet, get involved by running for a position in college government, your Central Student Association, or on Senate.

General elections for student representatives take place in the Winter semester. Information about candidates who throw their hats into the ring will be summarized here during the campaigning period.

Municipal Elections

Guelph is now your home away from home! Decisions that impact your daily lives are made at the municipal level - make sure you have a say.

Provincial Elections

Provincial politics impact your life on so many levels, not the least of which is your education, health care, communities, and the environment.

Federal Elections

Sometimes Ottawa can seem very far away, and yet Federal decisions affect everything from our national identity to our place on the world stage. From wildlife to defense, what happens within Canada affects our role in the global community.

Inform Yourself - Election Resources

Check out our listing of websites to help you stay informed about elections and voting.

More Information

Please direct any questions about elections or voting to citizen@uoguelph.ca.