Inform Yourself - Elections Resources

Resources for Federal Elections

Vote Savvy

Vote Savvy is a grassroots, youth-led organization (founded by Guelph alumni) that is leading the way in helping young people understand, be informed and get excited about voting in the federal election.  Take their awesome survey to help you determine which issues matter most to you and which party would best represent you. They also have great videos, and educational toolkits that can be used to mobilize youth engagement.

Vote Compass

Vote Compass is a tool that allows you to see how you fit into the political landscape and compare party platforms on particular issues and policies.


Pollenize is a visually beautiful guide to each party's platform on 12 distinct issues, with the ability to immediately compare the other main parties' platforms. Pollenize focuses on the Bloc, Conservative, Green, Liberal, Libertarian, and NDP platforms.


FactsCan is an independent, non-partisan, transparent political fact checker. Think of it like the 'snopes' of the Canadian political scene!

Vote Note

Vote Note is an App developed by a Concordia Political Science student to help youth get out to vote. It uses GPS technology to pinpoint riding districts for voters, providing them with candidate names and information, polling station locations, and a clock counting down to election day. It also connects you with Uber, which will offer free rides to polling stations on election day!!

Elections Canada

Elections Canada has information for first time voters to tell you all the ways you can vote, who is running in your riding, and what ID you need to bring. You can also read all the registered political party platforms.