The Parent, Guardian, Supporter and Family Guide

A Message to Parents, Guardians, and Supporters of University Students

Congratulations on your students' admission to the University of Guelph! 

The University experience is one of profound growth and development.  During the first year in particular, you can expect your student to experience challenges associated with adapting to a new university and social environment.  The University recognizes that such challenges may at times be stressful but, ultimately, they result in new learning, personal growth and development. Rest assured that the University understands these challenges and has taken measures to establish resources, policies and protocols designed to support your student throughout their time here.

What you need to know…

Irrespective of age or experience we regard all students as adults and, as such, it is important for interactions and engagement with the University to be through them.  It is our expectation that students will initiate any correspondence, action, request or meeting with our academic or administrative units and, if required, they will invite a support person to accompany them. In these instances, the presence of a support person can help the student feel confident to express their own opinions and to advocate for their own needs.

The University is bound by the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA); provincial legislation that governs the University’s collection, use and sharing of personal information.  Under this legislation, University faculty and staff are prohibited from discussing, changing or divulging a student’s personal information.  This means that we will not provide you with information on grades, academic progress, financial status, disciplinary history, etc.  Your student is always welcome to discuss their university experience with the appropriate University academic or administrative resource. 

Should you be concerned for the wellbeing of your student, we invite you to call us to seek advice on how you can support and help your student and encourage them to speak with a University resource person if needed.  We will be happy to walk you through the range of support services that are available to them.  We will gladly reach out to your student to discuss their university experience directly with them.

How you can help your student…

As a University, we will hold students accountable for their actions and help them to understand their rights and responsibilities as members of our community.  Here are some ways that you can support your student’s growth and development at University:

  • Allow your student to speak on their own behalf.  If necessary, you can help by coaching them in advance so they feel more confident when expressing their question or concern. 
  • Help your student become aware of the resources that are available to them on campus and encourage them to take advantage of the many services that are provided to support their needs and address their concerns. Assure your student that the University wants to hear from them and wants to provide the support they need.
  • Review the information on this webpage for Parents, Guardians and Supporters that we developed to support you.

The transition to university holds special challenges for new students and their families. This online guide is designed to address your needs, as the family member or support person of a new student at the University of Guelph. In the coming year, new students will undergo many new life experiences as they make the transition to university life.

There are links to campus resources throughout this guide and many campus resources require a student login to access it. When you run into this, we encourage you to remember the name of the resource you were looking into and then mention it to the student as an option available to them the next time you speak with them. There is a lot of reading material available, everything from what a student might be expecting to resources they can access, skill building opportunities and upcoming events that you will be invited to.

Please click through our guide below to find information that will be helpful to you.

What To Do This Summer

Conversations To Have

The Student Transition: A Year in the Life of a Student

Supporting Your Student:

We recognize that we may not have anticipated all of the questions you may have, and you are welcome to contact us.

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