Workshops and Events

GryphLife has up-to-date listing of our workshop and event offerings.

We provide student tenants and landlords with resources and skill-building opportunities to be successful in the rental housing experience. From community events like Right Foot Forward, to finding a place through the Rental Housing Fair, to workshops on living off campus, tenant rights, and the student rental market. To learn more about our current workshop offerings, visit us on GryphLife.

Rental Housing Fair

We host housing fair events each year.  This is a great opportunity to check in with landlords about what they have for rent - all at one time, in one place!  Keep up-to-date on GryphLife to find out event details.

Right Foot Forward

Each September, as part of Project Serve, Off-Campus Living teams up with with volunteers and staff, including  City of Guelph, Guelph Police, Guelph Fire Fighters, neighbourhood residents, students, and University representatives to welcome students into off-campus neighbourhoods and share information with them about life in Guelph.