Move Out Madness

Please note that Move Out Madness has been cancelled for 2021.

Move Out Madness is designed to help University of Guelph students redirect unwanted furniture and large items, food, and clothing to community agencies, recycling facilities, or student reuse.

Registration for the Move Out Madness Off-Campus Bulky Item Collection is available to University of Guelph students and registration begins in April of each year on GryphLife.

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Off-Campus Bulky Item Collection

Due to the City's regular dump pick-up cost of $35+HST for the first item and $27+HST for each additional item, many students leave unwanted furniture behind or on the curb. This service is more sustainable, neighbourhood friendly, and saves students money. The Move Out Madness Team will properly deal with the items based on the quality and state of the bulky item, which can include donating it to either Habitat for Humanity's Restore or storing items for students to take at the beginning of the next school year.

Residence and Move Out Madness

Leave that unwanted winter jacket or can of soup behind. Throughout residence buildings, "Clear the Shelves" locations encourage students to donate unwanted suitable items to the Guelph community. Large bins are placed in Prairie, East, and L/A entrances during the final exam period, allowing students to donate non-perishable foods, clothing, appliances, and miscellaneous items they may have and do not want to carry home. These items will be given to the various community-benefit organizations, like the Guelph Food Bank, focused on alleviating local poverty and hunger.

Free Store

Take the stuff that you need, leave what you don't.  It's basically a big garage sale without the price.  Throughout the UC Courtyard during final exams every winter semester there are tables full of clothes, books, binders, appliances, and assorted items up for grabs. Students, Staff, and Faculty can help themselves to anything they need, or leave behind items they don't.

E-Waste Collection

This service gives you the opportunity to dispose of unwanted e-waste through an environmentally safe and reliable practice.