Orientation Week Fee

What is the fee?

The Orientation Week Fee is charged to all new incoming University of Guelph students. The fee has eliminated the majority of user fees for events and several meals throughout the week. This helps make budgeting easier and ensures universal access to the vast majority of activities that are intended to help new students make friends and feel comfortable on campus. Additionally, the Orientation Week Fee helps the University of Guelph remain independent from corporate sponsorship, keeping O-Week about new students and their transition to university. All revenue generated from this fee is entirely directed to orientation programming.

What does the fee get me as a new student?

The Orientation Week Fee pays for many things in O-Week, such as funding for the Pep Rally, GryphFest, activities on the first night, the Walk-in Movie, a free concert, and much more. It also includes six meals: the Move-in Day Barbecues, dinner on the first night, breakfast on the first two mornings, the CSA Lunch and the College Government Lunches. The Orientation Guide and the Orientation Volunteer program is also made possible by this fee. In addition, there is an Innovation Fund that supports new, creative, and diverse events in O-Week. While there are still a couple of optional events that cost money (e.g. some trips off campus, the O-Week Concert, and the Interhall Dance Party), a new student can have a full Orientation Week without having to pay out of pocket over and over again.

Students who are exempt from paying this fee

Not all new students pay the Orientation Week Fee: only new first-semester students or transfer students with 2.0 and less credits, who are attending the Guelph Campus pay the fee. OVC students, students who are only taking distance education courses, non degree students, and all new students attending the regional campuses are exempt from this fee.

Fee Payment

The Office of Registrarial Services automatically applies the Orientation Week Fee to all eligible students when calculating the amount due on student accounts. When you pay your tuition and fees, this amount is included and there is no need to opt-in. As per the referendum question approved by undergraduate students in the winter 2011 semester, there is no mechanism to opt-out of this fee. However, each student is charged the fee only once - in their first semester.