Toxicology Courses of Interest


Department of Biomedical Sciences

BIOM*4150 Cancer Biology W [0.50]


BIOM*6300 Cancer Biology W [0.50] (cross listed with BIOM*4150)

* Please note that the credit may only be obtained for one of the above listed courses.


BIOM*6310 Advanced Cancer Biology F [0.50]

*Prerequisite for this course is either BIOM*4150 or BIOM*6300 (listed above)


BIOM*6610 Cardiovascular Health and Disease W [0.50]


Department of Pathobiology

PABI*6104 Mechanisms of Disease W [0.50]



School of Environmental Sciences

ENVS*6470 - The Science and Management of Multiple Stressors in the Great Lakes [0.50]


ENVS*6540 Integrated Pest Management - insects W [0.50]