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Strategic Transformation Goals

A Strategic Transformation for our Future

Strategic Transformation is modernizing operations and restoring long-term financial sustainability to ensure the University of Guelph is in an optimal position to deliver on its strategic priorities.

This will be pursued through operational realignment business process enhancements, and aligning of staff and faculty resources to current and future academic and research needs.

The Strategic Transformation will help the University create efficiencies to encompass change, foster innovation and be future ready in a rapidly evolving world.

Key Objectives of Strategic Transformation

  1. Modernize the University’s operations
    Building on what works and changing what no longer serves the University to increase the effective and efficient use of all existing resources.
  2. Eliminate the structural budget deficit
    Reducing costs and enhancing revenue generating capacity, thereby finding a viable path to fiscal sustainability.
  3. Invest in faculty and staff success
    Improving workplace satisfaction, wellness and employee engagement.
  4. Embrace digital solutions and continuous innovation
    Becoming a leading-edge, state-of-the-art institution with increased adaptive capacity.

Guided by Our Values and Principles

Throughout the Strategic Transformation the University will be guided by our values outlined in our Strategic Plan:

  • Community and collaboration: we achieve more when we work together.
  • Courage: we make difficult choices and principled decisions. 
  • Creativity: we believe imagination and innovation must know no bounds. 
  • Excellence: we strive to be the best and our ambition is unlimited. 
  • Inclusion: we value all and strive for inclusive excellence. 
  • Integrity: we are honest, trustworthy, transparent and accountable   

The following principles will also guide the Strategic Transformation:

  • Being respectful and mindful of the health and welfare of all university employees and students. 
  • Working in the best interests of the entirety of the University of Guelph, including at both the individual and community-level. 
  • Ensuring respect for and commitment to upholding the distinctive nature of academic units. 
  • Taking a long-term approach. 
  • Working with integrity which includes being able to admit mistakes and take corrective action. 
  • Engaging in evidence-based decision-making. 
  • Using time efficiently. 
  • Communicating and engaging transparently and frequently with the University community - ‘nothing about us without us’. 


Using a lens for advancing Indigenization and equity, diversity and inclusion, Strategic Transformation will prioritize preserving and enhancing the University’s academic and research excellence as well as the distinctive student experience U of G is known for. Key approaches include:   

  • Transforming business service delivery.   
  • Ensuring revenue generating units are self-sustaining. 
  • Transforming academic services and research support to enable teaching and research excellence, whilst advancing our commitments to Indigenization and equity, diversity and inclusion. 
  • Offering a voluntary faculty, veterinarian and librarian retirement incentive program. 

The process will include engagement with faculty, staff and students via regular communications and outreach with the campus community, employee bargaining groups and our external partners.   

Strategic Transformation Office

  • The Strategic Transformation Team is currently being established. More information to come shortly.

Communications and Engagement

Transparency, accountability, and engagement are built into the Strategic Transformation process to ensure our community is involved and informed. Information and progress about the Strategic Transformation will be communicated regularly via emails, updates to the website, town halls and responses to emails directed to the inbox.

If you’re interested in providing advice, feedback and sharing your suggestions, we encourage you to sign up for our Strategic Transformation Advisory Group. More details will be shared on how you can get involved shortly.