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Strategic Transformation Governance

With a transparent reporting process and clear decision-making authority, we are leading an initiative that can progress and adapt to change quickly – all while ensuring accountability, engagement, and transparency within our organization.


The primary decision-making bodies for the Strategic Transformation processes are the University Executive Team, the Board of Governors and the University Senate. Ultimately, the success of the initiative will be the responsibility of the President and the University Executive Team.

The President will report to the Board of Governors and relevant Board Standing Committees regularly via quarterly written and verbal updates, as well as through annual Strategic Transformation performance reporting. The President will also report regularly to the University Senate and seek their input on academic changes that may occur throughout the Transformation process, in line with the Senate’s mandate.

Advisory Groups

There are two main advisory bodies involved in U of G’s Strategic Transformation, both of which are chaired by the President: the University Leadership Team (ULT) and the Strategic Transformation Advisory Group (STAG). The ULT, which consists of senior academic and staff leaders from across the University, will be leveraged by the Executive Team to provide advice and feedback on, and advance, the Transformation process.

Strategic Transformation Advisory Group (STAG)

Building our collective future requires that we all work together to advance our bold vision for the University of Guelph.

Students, faculty and staff on all three of our campuses were invited to submit nominations and applications to join our Strategic Transformation Advisory Group. By providing advice and feedback on our Strategic Transformation, this Advisory Group will play an integral role in our transformation journey.

As we embrace change, it is important that key university leaders have an avenue to hear directly from representatives from across the University community.