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Strategic Transformation Operational Reviews

As part of the wider process to ensure the University of Guelph’s Strategic Transformation successfully achieves its goals, the university is conducting operational reviews. Supported by third-party expertise, these operational reviews seek to understand where there are opportunities for the University to better meet the needs of students, faculty and staff, modernize, generate additional revenue, or realize operational savings.

What does an Operational Review entail?

The operational review involves an initial assessment of the key opportunities for modernization, revenue generation, or improvement to the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations. These are conducted with third-party experts working in collaboration with respective areas. From there specific recommendations for improvements and actions are determined that will allow U of G to realize the potential value identified from these opportunities.

When completed, operational reviews are expected to identify opportunities for:

  • Modernization of divisions to encompass change and drive innovation.
  • Increasing efficiencies through the implementation of new systems and tools.
  • Harnessing revenue generating opportunities to support the University’s financial sustainability and academic and research missions.
  • Improving efficiencies through organizational redesign.
  • Cost savings through the consolidation and streamlining of services, resources, processes and procedures.
  • Other changes or opportunities for revenue growth or operational savings.

Where will Operational Reviews be conducted?

The following areas are key targets for operational reviews:

Core Administrative Areas

Core administrative areas reviews include overviews of finance, budget, human resources, administrative support, and communications and marketing.


Procurement reviews identify opportunities aimed at enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement process within the University. This includes the consideration of consolidating procurement services centrally.

Revenue Generating Units

Revenue generating unit reviews consist of reviews of the structure, funding, resource, and infrastructure requirements of revenue generating units within the University. This includes identifying interconnectivity between units within the University, as well as opportunities for enhancement of services offered.

Student Services

Student Services reviews look for improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of student services within the University. This includes identifying how these activities are distributed, the resources used within these functions and how these could be improved. These reviews are centred on athletics, student experience, experiential learning hub, student wellness, registrar’s office, undergraduate academic information centre and program counsellors.