Academic Orientation 2019

Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Written by Shari Dorr

The following is a list of Academic Orientation events coordinated by the UAIC. All are listed in the Orientation Guide and on GryphLife Events at

Date Time Location Title Description
2019 Academic Orientation Events Offered by UAIC/AVPA
3 September 2019

9:00AM to 11:00AM

(1/2 hour cycles within this time frame)

McLaughlin Library Main Floor Profs are People Too! Professors are very interesting people! The Office of the Associate Vice President (Academic) invites you to participate in its version of "speed meeting" in order to find out why this is true. Take us up on the opportunity to spend a few minutes one on one with professors from a variety of disciplines.
3 September 2019

11:00AM to 1:30PM

(attend 1 of 2 timeslots in this time frame by degree program)

Various locations Degree Program Meetings (DPM) Join us for these important meetings to learn critical information about your degree program, academic requirements, academic support available, and all the ins and outs of campus and community resources important for your academics. This is your opportunity to connect with people that will be important to your academic success: academic advisors, faculty, Student Council Executives, and others! (Full listing at
3 September 2019 3:00PM to 3:50PM Rozanski Hall 103 All About Courselink: Guelph's Online Learning Management System During this session, you will become familiar with CourseLink, the University’s online learning management system (LMS). Using D2L’s Brightspace platform, CourseLink is where most instructors post grades, upload course materials and make course-related announcements. This session will cover all the CourseLink basics such as how to access the system and your course sites, how to set up your profile and notification settings, and what to expect from the most commonly used tools. It will also provide advice on how to effectively use the LMS to help you achieve academic success!
4 September 2019

10:30AM to 12:30PM

(attend 1 of 2 timeslots in this time frame by Major)

Various locations Meetings for Majors (M4M) Meet professors and other first year students in your major. These sessions provide you with a head start on learning about the unique opportunities that lie before you as an undergraduate student in your academic discipline including things such as research opportunities, international exchanges and field trips to complement your academics. (Full listing at
4 September 2019

1:30PM to 3:30PM

(2 timeslots in this time frame)

Various rooms in Rozanski Hall and McKinnon Building Special Lecture Series

Wondering what lectures are going to be like? Join the professors below to get a sneak preview as they discuss their own research interests. A question and answer period will follow a shortened version of a traditional lecture - you will gain tips on note taking, preparation for midterms, studying, writing assignments and more. (Full listing/descriptions at

Professors and Topics:


Dr. Samantha Brennan (Philosophy) "Is Death a bad thing?" Rozanski Hall 102
Dr. Matt Demers (Mathematics & Statistics) "Calculus without Calculators" War Memorial Hall
Dr. Kim Francis(Music) "Music as Weapon/Music as Torture" McKinnon Building 117
Dr. Joanne O'Meara (Physics) "So You Think You Hate Physics" Rozanski Hall 104
Dr. Glen Pyle (Biomedical Sciences) "Making Heart Attacks Sexy: The Role of Sex in Cardiovascular Disease" Rozanski Hall 101
Dr. Christina Smylitopoulos (Art History) "It's Over! Infidelity and the Art of Breaking up in the Eighteenth Century" Rozanski Hall 103


Dr. Serge Desmarais (Psychology) "Love and Relationships" Rozanski Hall 102
Dr. Mike Dixon (Environmental Sciences) "Space Exploration - A source of Technology Transfer in the Terrestrial Agri-Food Sector" McKinnon Building 117
Dr. Dan Gillis (Computer Science) "Changing the World One Course at a Time" Rozanski Hall 101
Dr. Jibran Khokhar (Biomedical Sciences) "Of Booze, Bud, and Blu: Drug use and the Adolescent Brain" War Memorial Hall
Dr. Andy Robinson (Animal Biosciences) "Miniature Donkeys - Hidden Genius and Killer Instinct" Rozanski Hall 103
Dr. John Zettel (Human Health and Nutritional Sciences) "The Everyday Balancing Act: The Complex Control Behind Balance and Movement" Rozanski Hall 104

4 September 2019

3:00PM to 3:50PM Alexander Hall 100 Learning Online: Tips for Success

Wondering what it is like to take a course online? Distance Education courses are a flexible option for completing your academic degree requirements, and can be completed anywhere and according to your own schedule. Join Victoria Kennedy and Vanessa Breton from Open Learning and Educational Support for a demonstration of how an online course works and gain inside tips on how to be a successful online learner.

6 September 2019 12:00PM to 1:00PM Branion Plaza Campus Scoop

Mark the beginning of your academic career by stopping by for a FREE ice cream cone scooped and served by members of the University’s Senior Administrative team. Stop by for a snack in between classes! Rain Location: UC Courtyard

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