Course Outline Guidelines

General Information

These guidelines suggest the minimum components that should be included on a course outline and are meant to serve as a resource to instructors, chairs, directors, and others preparing or reviewing course outlines. Academic units may require additional information specific to the unit or program to be included on course outlines as well.  Faculty members and course instructors should check with the Chair/Director or Administrative Assistant in their unit for more information. 

In some cases, the checklist references the Undergraduate Calendar. Those adapting these guidelines for graduate, diploma, or Guelph-Humber courses should replace this with the appropriate link.

In addition to a wide range of support, Open Learning and Educational Support (formerly Teaching Support Services and the Office of Open Learning) offers assistance in the development of courses and program curriculum. You can contact them for assistance with in-class or online (DE) courses development. Their website is and their email is The Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support website also lists a number of resources and links on creating a course syllabus.

The University of Guelph Senate has approved policies on Grading Procedures include resolutions pertaining to grading standards and definitions, the distribution of course outlines to students, timely feedback to students, consistency across multi-section courses, examination policies and departmental responsibilities. Course instructors should review and be familiar with the resolutions related to Grading Procedures.

As well, the Senate approved policy on Academic Misconduct states that "faculty members have a responsibility to provide students, early in their course or program, with information about academic integrity that might be particular to their discipline."

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Grading Procedures for Undergraduate and Diploma courses

Grading Procedure Guelph-Humber courses

Additional information on academic policies

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