Why go to Mars?

Mars. The Red Planet. It’s over 54 million kilometers away but has been, for a millennia, close to the human imagination. We’ve peered at it, dreamed about it, flown by it, and even set foot on it (robotically speaking).

Why is this speck in the sky so important to us? Why go to Mars?

On Monday November 14th, through presentations, a panel discussion, and questions from the audience, we are going to explore Mars.

In this the inaugural Derry Dialogue, we are going to ask: Why are we going to Mars? Should we go to Mars? What will we discover there about the planet and about ourselves?

And who better to be our guides then a Canadian astronaut, two internationally renowned researchers who worked on the Mars Rovers and contributed to sustaining life in space, and a leading academic who advises NASA’s astrobiology program.

The Derry Dialogues

Made possible by the vision and support of Margaret and Douglas Derry, embody the idea and values of interdisciplinary approaches to the big issues of our time. The speakers in this annual series reflect the values of the University of Guelph and are engaged in holistic, rigorous, and interdisciplinary engagement as much in the public arena as in the academy.

Panel Members